Saturday, January 19, 2008



Yesterday, was fun. XD After work, My colleagues and I went to celebrate the last day of Foundation Training for our new account. We ordered food from a grill place near work and drank a bit (Half a bottle XD I don't want to drink before going home but for the sake of the toast, I split one bottle with another) before going home. I got home around 8...9:30 or 10... I dunno, I was really tired to notice. XD

My kareshi and I agreed that i should rest first before we meet in gateway at 12:30. Knowing me, I oversleep when I decide to take a "nap" before a meeting. So, I told him, if by 11am he doesn't receive a text from me, he should drop me a call or make my phone ring at least to check if I'm on the move already. After that, everything was black. And Zzzz s we're floating in my room.

Its already 1pm. My mom knocked on my door, like she usually does to wake me up for my shift. She called out "Gising! May bisita ka!!! *knocks violently on my poor little door*"

uhhhh.... huh?


it's already 1:30pm!!!!! *checks phone* .... 30 missed calls. OMFG. The last message on my phone is my bf telling me that he's heading over to my house to pick me up. >_Manoj: Elite Telemarketer XD , while I went and prepared for the date.

"Manoj: Some people have the X factor... He is India's Madonna" ... XD

After that really embarrassing moment, my kareshi and I decided to go to Trinoma to watch movies. We were originally planning to watch 2 movies but since he had to pick me up cause I overslept, we didn't have ample time so we ended up watching one movie instead. Before heading on to the cinemas, we went to eat Dinner and had some funfunfun with our food. XD

Cheppie muffin: Chuuuuu~
Wevin muffin: EHHH??!


we saw Sweeney Todd...And all I can say is... BLOOOOD BLOOOD BLOOOOOOD!!!!! T_T Critic-wise, the movie is awesome. The whole setting was great, the music was nicely put, the cast was also great, the story though left me hanging.BUT!!! Personally, I found the movie too bloody. I would close my eyes whenever Todd would kill a customer. T_T And I find Todd creepy when he talks to his blades. Really really creepy.

And since I got my batteries back from my uncle who kidnapped them, I am able to take piccies of stuff nao. YAY!

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