Thursday, September 18, 2008


I got this from Rina. Her Bf's sister went missing. I'm just posting this to help. I hope if any of you guys have any info, you could share it with them. Of all the things I am afraid of happening to my own family is missing a member. Especially with the spreading rumors of people who do business with human vital organs nowadays... Please repost so we can spread the news faster.

Reposted from Jade's (rina's bf ) DA:

DA Friends,(Philippines)
I came home to my old house this morning Sep. 19 7:00am to bring my laundry ..... then my mother said that my sister Jessa was missing since Tuesday, Sept. 16..... all of her friends and her boyfriend is looking for her and all of her 3 cellphones cannot be contacted .....
Please help us find her .......

if you happen to spot her in any of your hangouts please give me the information here in my number 09202214153 (since i still don't have an internet connection i can only be contacted through this) :crying:
here is her photo

any information will be greatly appreciated,

thanks guys...... :worship:

and if you will all be so kind as to post this message in your accounts it will be a great help

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