Monday, April 21, 2008

☆☆Kazune Miku Cosplay!!!!!!☆☆

Arisa just gave me one more reason to love her. ^_^ Now I'm definitely lesbo for her. My love for Ai Otsuka

Isn't she/he adorable?! XD

~Memoirs of a Geisha~

Golden Sparrows way of speaking in the movie, Forbidden kingdom, reminded me greatly of one of my most loved movies. I downloaded Memoirs of a Geisha and though I never got to see the wonder in the big screen, I have huge appreciation for it. The art of being a dignified courtesan and artist marveled me. They're like the old age maidos for the modern day otakus I guess.

I love the kimonos and trinkets on their hair. And throughout the whole movie, the part that I anticipate the most is the dance of the capital. I really loved the ambience of the whole moment. Given the choice, if I had lived in the past, I don't want to be a Geisha, but i'll be an avid fan of those who engage in these arts.

Re-watching the movie for the 7th time, I just grew more fascinated of how it would have felt if I were a geisha. ^_^;; I try to imitate how they twirl their fans imagining that maybe one day I could perform the whole dance in front of an audience who appreciate the art as much, or even more. ^_^

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