Saturday, March 08, 2008

fun fun dei

Yesterday was fun. Here's why....(aside from the fact that this entry has nothing to do with my work)


I went straight to LP after work. He showed me the latest episode of "The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition." Its was oodles of fun-ness and Good-ness. HAHAHA. Here's something that doesn't happen every ep in the board room....


Piers is a closet?! HAHAHAHAHA... This made our morning.


I LOL at the "Omarosa Free" celebrity edition captions XD
We left for Libis to meet with macgirl_13 and stryderranulf @ coffee bean and tea leaf. Along the way, raishiro and I were singing song from his Ipod, talking about how Naruto Manga Pwns Naruto Anime and some stuff about sentai, including Jiban. XD

Jiban: Someone must have dropped their purse. Jiban must return purse! Just doin' mah Job...


Anyways, we got there and decided to eat @ teriyaki boy for lunch. Later one, seedsop arrived and joined us for more lols. He also lent me his lovely magazine, Playhouse. ^_^ Thank you JOHN!!! After paying the bill, we proceeded to Kuya Ranulf's lair and hooked up DMC4. After playing for a while, we ended up watching cut scenes of the game...That was a real eye-opener for me...It made me realize that:

1. Trish have a very intelligent pair of bosoms boobs
2. Trish has "Boob prism power"
3. Gloria, Trish's Saiyan form, has no panties (we checked! XD oh yeah)
4. Monsters die happily after Gloria's beating
5. Toads have lesbian luring abilities
6. Dante is a hot cowboy latino romantic.
7. Dante has the hots for lesbian chicks making out
8. Pandora's box roxors!!!
9. Nero's sideline: Call center agent

Aesthetically designed to not have panties for carefree moments

After watching one too many DMC4 cut scenes, making sure Gloria has indeed no panties, macgirl_13 then showed us Lost Odyssey. Now seedsop wants an xbox 360 pro... haha. Discussions about the game though went as far as bashing the FF sequels that sucked... The ff sequels that seems to be nothing more than Jpop idols in an rpg game. XD You know what I mean.... Too bad Ate Jill had to leave early :(. We would have wanted to see moar. XD I hope there's still a next time. After she left though, we played wii games. Warioware once again proved to me that I suck, it can drain people's IQ.

After that, we ate dinner @ Ebisu and roamed around a bit, talking about the *cough* *cough*. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe this time we can have one that is really about what it should be about... not just another excuse to wear costumes. :3

Thank You....

Thanks to everyone for making yesterday so fun> :3 Especially to my 彼氏. You made me forget that I was depressed and really cheered me up. ^_^ You'll always be the best in my book. Thank you... :3

<<---Obligatory Rose image for Dante LOLs

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