Friday, January 05, 2007

To my special one....

“I’m a self centered, insensitive idiot.” I told myself. So I sat down in a dark corner and watched the world move about. Though the absence of warmth drove me to shiver, I observed each and every person that passed by. I recognized their faces and saw them, finally, in a new perspective.

I saw greed. I saw pain. I saw sadness. I saw the endless suffering deep within them. From this angle, what seemed real to me then became a mere sad façade. Hiding behind pleasant masks, these people are able to survive each day in this vast oasis of emotions.

Then, someone noticed me, watching the world; watching everyone; watching him. He took with him a round mirror, which he carried in front of him as he approached me. He stood in front of me, still holding the mirror and reflecting the image whom I believed was I.

I stared straight at the little girl in the mirror. The scene was shockingly despondent. A child who’s mere image is crying for love. Tears were trickling down her bruised cheeks. I turned my eyes away as the mirror drew closer to me and the image started becoming a bit more vivid and clear. It was mortifying to see all the negativity of the world yet I am disgusted of my own. The mere reflection of what I am sent my eyes away.

Now, his face, close to mine.... Kneeling, he took and cupped my chin with a smile. He radiated light into my dark little corner and helped me up. Supporting me, he laid the mirror to where I sat and carried me on his back.

Not a word was spoken. I laid my weight entirely on his back, feeling the warmth of his robust body. It was again time to recapture the façade that I once threw to be alone. But no more tears were shed. A smile grew on my lips as if it was a bud of rose that sprouted from the bottom of a bed of snow. The ice holding the stern expression on my face broke into tiny little shards and melted on the ground. The puddle of melted ice reflected to me…a smile

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